Thursday, August 03, 2006

Just a small update..

Ah man, this blog hasn't updated in awhile. Well, my reviews for things are going to Webtooniverse, soooo...I'll see what I can do to make this blog more...bloggy.

Maybe once FMSA has a site up, then I can probably keep this thing up without people thinking I died or something. I'll try to keep you posted, .1 readers.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

ES Story #2 Scrapped

That's right. I'm just having some personal problems currently. And to add that the worrying of not getting FS Fansode out on time, let alone get enough Voice Actors, and then the script just wouldn't come out right. But don't worry, my 2 fans, for a new story is being written. It was going to start out as a silly little script for a strip, but now it's going to be much more then that.

It shall be called, "Ripoffs Galore, a Murder, THERE'S MORE?!" (thanks to Alex for the title). But don't worry, it won't be "OGFM, Bonus Stage rip-off!". I'll throw in references, but not to the point where it gets in the way of the plot.

I'll try my best to get at least 15 seconds of animation a day on FS Fansode, all while trying to get one panel done a day on the story. It won't be hand drawn, but instead, I'll use the line tool so the art is cleaner. Add shading and highlighting, and that could all take awhile.

As for the two pages of the olde story? Well, I'm going to make a new section on the site and add it there.. It'll probably be something like "The Junkyard" or something. We'll see.

Here's an updated Progress list:

500th Kiriban for Midnightfury: 0% (Still planning on what to draw.)
Ernie Seekers Bedrooms: 0%
Ernie Seekers Video Shop Background: 0%
Ernie Seekers Bus Stop: 0%
Kagome Drawing (I still have the sketch. I'll work on that when Pam kicks me off the computer.): 15%

Scrapped Crap:

Ernie Seekers Jungle Background
Ernie Seekers Story #2 (Olde one)Script
Gift Art for friend person (I'll probably do it when I got less work on me.)
ES Page 3

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Review: Teen Girl Squad

Teen Girl Squad is an animated comic from the creators of the Homestar Runner fame, the Chaps Brothers. The series started out as a request from a Strong Bad e-mail from a girl who wanted Strong Bad to make a comic for her friends. The series became more popular with each episode, and then soon got its own page on the homestar runner site.

The "Teen Girl Squad" consists of four girls: "Cheerleader", the most popular one who's out to look "So GOOD!" and get the boys, "So-and-So", whose full of smarts and has an imaginary boyfriend named Brett Bretterson, "What's Her Face", the outcast and the one that usually gets left out of the girls' fun, and "The Ugly One", the most random and eccentric one of the whole group.

The art style is very simplistic to represent doodles. The notebook paper backgrounds, uneven panels, and dialoge balloons makes it look like a comic you'd find a 5th grader drawing in math class. Even with the simple style, each character has their own characteristics. For example, you can simply tell apart between The Ugly One and What's Her Face.

The animation is limited, since it's supposed to represent a comic. People who have never heard of Teen Girl Squad would at first pass this series up because of limited animation, but after watching at least two episodes, they'd most likely become fans of this series.

Most of the humor in this series relies on sight gags and random phrases. It seems everytime you watch an episode, something in the background happens, like clouds eating birds, for example. Random phrases are mainly something said when one of the girls die, like "MSG'D!". This bothers me a bit when things pop out of nowhere and kill them, but every episode ends in a hilarious result.

The music mainly consists of a music loop in the background in each episode. Surprisingly, the music loop never becomes annoying to me, and I even catch myself humming it. The only other music was in Episode 8.

Now, here's where I have to tack down some points: Voice Acting. Too many of the characters sound the same. I could hardly tell the difference between Cheerleader and So-and-So if I was to only litsen to their voice and have to guess which one it was. That aside, the sound quality is very good. There's no background noise, static, or poping noises.

Overall, I enjoy this series alot. I would highly recommend newcomers to Homestar Runner to watch them. This cartoon gets a A- from me, and would be perfect if not for the voices.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006


ES Page 3: 0%
500th Kiriban for Midnightfury: 0% (Still planning on what to draw.)
Gift Art for friend person: 0% (It's not really important right now.)
Kagome Drawing: 20% (Have sketched, sketching background.)
ES Strip #6: 100% (Cleeck.)
Breeze Line Art: 100% (Cleeck.)
Salena Umaco Fanart: 100% (Cleeck.)
Ernie Seekers Kitchen Background: 0% (Redrawing)
Ernie Seekers Living Room Background: 100% (Cleeck.)
Ernie Seekers Bedrooms: 0%
Ernie Seekers Jungle Background (For when they go to Africa in Story 2.): 0%
Ernie Seekers Video Shop Background: 0%
Ernie Seekers Bus Stop: 0%
Ernie Seekers Story #2 Script: 10%

I'm going to be working alot on the backgrounds today, hopefully at least getting two done. I'm going to be using to line tool so it really turns out less sloppy. Of course, I can't stay on the computer all day, so I'll take a break from those to work on the Kagome Drawing or start on Fury's Kiriban.

Monday, June 12, 2006


BrooksTV Mega Episode FINALLY UPDATES WITH PAGE 14!! Oh man, I was the first one to leave a comment. This comic is I can't say anything, really. Saying that in a good way. Amazing details, and the whole climax is wrapped up now. Well, besides that to be continued part. I'm wondering stuff:

I also liked the fact that it had a tiny bit of romance in there. Not giant make-out scenes, but just enough to show that Brooks (the character) cared for Amy. I like it when comics aren't all goofy all the time, and just add a pinch of Romance or Drama into the recipe of a comic.

Toonami gives this a 10 out of 10. (Ya rly!!1 I liked it that much. :D)

Matt Wilson left us a picture without telling us what in the world it is, or even what series it is for. So I leave him a "WHUT?" instead of a score.

Pirates is still random and wierd. I wanted to see killing turtle action, but instead the comic cuts away to them dead. UUUURRRRGGGH. Toonami gives it a 5 out of 10.

Inside the Box cheered me up on Pirates's mistake. Blood gore violence. GLEEEE. Toonami gives this bad baby an 8 out of 10 because of the rather akward stabbing panel.

Onion #4 was...random. I was goggle girl, but I had no emotion. I wish he'd give me the script so I can see where I need emotion and not. So I may ask him later on if I can redo those. Nash and Z were drawn really well in this one, but some of the artwork just leaves me blah. The kid obsessed with crap was drawn good. Why can't he put that kind of effort in the goggle girl or the other characters? They looked like they were just slapped together. Pear appears out of nowhere and says she likes cheeseballs. If my parents think I don't make sense, I should show them this. Toonami gives it a 7 out of 10.

Floppy Disk #16 show that if it's late at night, you shouldn't animate until the next day. I think this would've been better if Nate just waited until the next day. I was the third to see it, but only because I had sleeping problems that night. I'm still curious about the attic, but most of it rings a bell of a previous episode. "Hey Nate, did you know we have an attic?" "Look, Nate, I found a secret door in the wall over there?" Familiar, no? I appreciate his work, but I'm sorry, the artwork was just sloppier than his other episodes. More disjointed frame-by-frame fighting and another villian who has a grudge against the others for no apparent reason. This seemed to be the only episode I'm unhappy with. Toonami gives is a 5 out of 10. Remember kids, it's better to get your rest so you work better than to stay up all night.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Salena Umaco, Progress Update UPDATE!

I'm now going to be in the Salena Umaco coronicles as Midori Kanukite! Finally, my first gig as a recurring character! Yay! I got to see a sneak peek at the intro being made on Skype through Idiot's webcam. I got to see how he draws the characters and everything. It's very exciting, and now I can't wait for this series to be released even more.

Here's a list of my little projects and drawings I'm doing. I updated it, minus Idiot's progress bar, heh.

ES Page 3: 0% (Lazy!!1)
500th Kiriban for Midnightfury: 0% (Still planning on what to draw.)
Gift Art for friend person: 0% (It's not really important right now.)
Kagome Drawing: 15% (Have sketched, need to ink, color, and add background.)
ES Strip #6: 5% (Have the background, and idea pat down.)
Breeze Action Line Test: 15% (Have Sketched.)
Salena Umaco Fanart: 100%

I'll get back to Ernie Seekers as soon as I finish Action Line Test, Kagome, and 500th Kiriban. Promise. D:

EDIT: I completed the Salena Umaco Fanart! Go here:

Crappy Scanner quality!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Blogger's Down

Blogger's been down, so hopefully I can get this post of progress of my works done.

I did a voice for a character in Onion 4. Tune in to see who I am.

I'm also going to voice Georgia in Episode 13 of The Real Rubyrulez while Maynz is still away.

And I'm going to appear in the Porple Montage Podcast, Episode 16. Tune in, I'm sure you'll find yourself, overwhelmed. Heh heh.

Progress on other junk:
ES Page 3: 0% (Lazy!!1)
500th Kiriban for Midnightfury: 0% (Still planning on what to draw.)
Gift Art for friend person: 0% (It's not really important right now.)
Kagome Drawing: 15% (Have sketched, need to ink, color, and add background.)
ES Strip #6: 5% (Have the background, and idea pat down.)
Breeze Action Line Test: 15% (Have Sketched.)